About me

  • A young game designer and artist
  • From Leuven, Belgium
  • Studying at LUCA School of Arts, Genk
  • Interested in non-traditional game design
  • Currently looking for an internship abroad from mid March to mid June 2017

Hi there! I'm Lisa, a young indie game developer, game designer and artist. My roots lie in Leuven, Belgium but I study Game Art & Design at LUCA School of Arts in Genk. I just finished my second bachelor year and have worked on several projects and gained skills in various fields such as game design, game programming and digital art. Indie titles such as Proteus, Kentucky Route Zero, Thomas Was Alone and Papers, Please got me really interested in video games and inspired me to get started with game development. Though I do share a lot of love for many big titles, there's something so magical about the previously mentioned titles - they got me emotionally invested more than any other big titles had ever done before. Video games are a largely unexplored territory with so many possibilities. It's such an immersive medium that doesn't just let us get entertained, it can teach us by experiencing the matter first hand. It can help us. It can help us help others. It can evoke emotions we didn't know we had before. Ever since I started studying Game Design, I've shown interest in and explored many branches of game design such as instructional game design, emotional games, playfulness, mindfulness... My biggest interest lies in highly personal games and designing from your own experience. I want my games to be consoling and comforting, their topics might be heavy, but I want the player to realize that they're not alone in their problems.